Cabin Country Sewing

Cabin Country Sewing was born in 1996 when I started taking in alterations.  My husband and I bought a small log cabin in the woods where we still live today.  We have lived here since Christmas Eve, 1995 and still love the quietness of the peaceful 5 acre farm we have.  I still do alterations here and there for friends and family but back then my husband was a printer and I was doing a lot of alterations as a second income.  He made me some business cards and created the name Cabin Country Sewing. It fits my world as you will learn more about me.

I have been sewing since I was little.  I remember sitting on both my Mom and Dad’s knee and helping them hold the fabric as the machine pulled it under the foot, making barbie clothes, or doll clothes, or aprons and even curtains.  My Mom would sew neat new things for me and my Dad was always making something new for himself.  My Dad was the creator.  He could make anything without a pattern.  He used to be a Tailor at Cherry Web and Terrain in Boston when he was in his youth.  I remember I would sit for hours with them making what ever there was to be made.  I loved to be part of it and see the finished product.  I have inherited my Dads creativity and I too can pretty much make anything I see in my head with or without a pattern. I love to create!

Over the years I have made many things.  I love, love, love to sew. My husband and I had 2 children and I made them both clothes as they grew up.  Bed sheets and Quilts, curtains that matched for their rooms. All the curtains in the house which are all still hanging.  Might be time to make some new ones but I still love the old ones. LOL

I had a lot of fun with my kids growing up.  I would make them dress up costumes to play with and then my Mom saw them.  She ran a daycare for many years and asked me to make her a bunch of dress up costumes so I did.  I also made some extras and entered some craft fairs to sell them.  I didn’t do too badly. I Loved doing the craft fairs and have been doing them for a very long time.

When my daughter turned 12 she found the American Girl Dolls and I thought I would love to make some clothes for them but was a bit hesitant about it.  Then a friend of mine gave me some patterns that she used to make for her daughter when she was little and I thought why not.  So I have been making them ever since.  I Love making them and have had fun designing my own as well.  My daughter is now 15 and a bit past the age of dolls but I still have hers and I love them. I still love to dress them up in my creations and display them. I put a lot of thought into what I sew and love to create new things, match new fabrics, create an entire outfit and so on. I think I am addicted to fabric in general. LOL

I also love to quilt and make clothes for my husband and myself. I have made coats, beds and blankets for our dogs as well. The cats however are not as nice, they get mad if I try and fit them for a coat. LOL I have however made them some beds and they use them so it must not be that bad.

I’ve enjoyed learning the art of making hammocks as well.  The hammocks are extremely sturdy and strong.  They will hold up to 3oo pounds and are reversible as they are made of 2 pieces of heavy matching canvas so that there is no wrong side. They are beautiful and very comfortable.  My Dad created the first one because his rope one he bought while he was young and in the service was starting to show wear and tear and the ropes were beginning to dry rot and snap so he created his first canvas one without a pattern to fit his tall body and then showed me how and I have been making them since.  He will help me when he sees me making them.  He likes to do the lacing and eyelets at the ends.

I am not a huge quilter, I have made about 4 in my lifetime and I’m about to make another one for my sons bed. However my friend Opal loves to quilt and will do it all day long so I will sometimes help her make baby quilts for the craft fairs and we also will make Matching Baby Bibs and Burp Cloths.  We both bought an embroidery machine last year so we will get together to make things as a team.  She is into making HUGE quilts and I will help her put them together after she gets the tops finished.  We will go to the store to rent the massive long arm and load each layer onto the machine to quilt together.  It is really something to see the whole process of how the big quilts are done. I never did mine like that.  I didn’t even know these long arm machines existed until I met her. I did my 4 by hand because I thought that was the only way. Man was I missing out!  Now I want a long arm machine. LOL


Anyhow this is how Cabin Country Sewing was born and how we have made it so much more today. Cabin Country Sewing is proud have you here as our guest!  Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you love our online shop! Come back often and stay a while!  Be sure to share our little website with friends and family and let us know what you think!  I’m sure your Daughter, Niece or Baby will love our products!

Thank you for stopping by!

Erica, Opal and Dad